We have a number of locations that handle the Yoke S Ranch brand of Corriente Beef products throughout the Midwest. If you’re looking for a distributor close to you, please contact us through the Contact Us Page.

If you would like to special order your Grass Fed Beef from Yoke S Ranch, please head on over to the “Order Grass-fed Beef” page in the navigation menu.

Below are the friends that, without their support, of Yoke S Ranch would never be as successful as we are today! We look forward to putting Corriente Cattle and Grass Feed beef on the map! (no pun intended) 🙂

North American Corriente Association Yoke S Ranch is a roud member of the North American Corriente Association.
Amend Packing Company Yoke S Ranch Grass Fed Beef is processed and packaged by Amend Packing Company In Des Moines, Iowa.
That Iowa Girl Food Dsitributor Yoke S Ranch Grass Fed Beef Products are distributed through That Iowa Girl out of Clariaon, Iowa.
Luke Jones Performance Horses Yoke S Ranch uses rope and cow horses from Luke Jones Performance Horses out of Allerton, Iowa.