corriente-roaperCorriente Cattle

Corriente cattle can be traced back to the first cattle brought to the new world by the Spanish explorers as early as 1493. The Corriente are a hardy breed, chosen to withstand the ocean crossing and adapting to the new land. Since they are a smaller breed, it was also easier to put more onto a boat.

Corriente meat is significantly leaner than the meat from most modern beef cattle.

Corriente are fairly small cattle, averaging less than 1,000 pounds. They are lean, athletic and have long upcurving horns (Texas longhorns believed to be a descendant from the Corriente) and a gentle disposition. They easily tolerate human contact and some even seek it.

Corriente can easily adapt to their surroundings and have been found as north as Canada, in the hot desert terrain of Arizona and in the lush, humid pastures in Florida.

Corriente are traditionally used for bull dogging and roping in rodeos. They rarely get the same illnesses that other cattle contract and can survive under little care. Corriente suffer little stress during calving and they breed back easily.

Recently, Corriente beef has been added to the “Ark of Taste” of the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity, an international organization that promotes healthful, flavorful, heritage foods. Several reasons why this athletic animal should be on your list for trying out – and no better way than to try it out locally, by ordering from Yoke S Ranch!