Being Grass Fed is Better for the Cattle.

Corriente CattleGrazing on pasture is especially beneficial for cattle, whose bodies are developed to eat grass. The roughage provided by grasses and other plants allow a steer to produce saliva, which helps neutralize acids that exist naturally in their digestive systems.  We take very good care of our animals and treat them with respect and pride. As a real working ranch, we handle our herd gently, on horseback using “light contact” gathering and sorting techniques that have been handed down through generations of ranching history.

Grass Fed Beef is Environmentally Friendly.

Truly sustainable livestock ranching requires the use of a pasture-based system. Our cattle graze with open access to clear running streams and lush green grass on the most beautiful pastures Southern Iowa has to offer. Pasture-raised cattle roam freely in their natural environment where they’re able to eat nutritious grasses and other plants that their bodies are able to digest. The pasture and cattle sustain a pure ecosystem and unlike industrial farms, which rely on large amounts of fossil fuels to truck feed and animal waste, pasture-based systems take advantage of the animal’s ability to feed itself and spread its own manure! In addition to dramatically improving the welfare of our steers, pasturing also helps reduce environmental damage, and yields Beef products that are tastier and more nutritious than foods produced on factory farms.