Practices (our standards for raising or making our products)
We are a grass-based natural operation. The whole ranch is seeded down to either pasture or hay ground. We raise no crops except cattle and hay. The cows run on 180A. of pasture divided into 4 paddocks and rotated through those all year long. All of the different pens of calves are on at least 10A. of grass and subsidized with enough feed to keep them healthy and satisfied. We don’t use any hormones or steroids and only use antibiotics on an individual basis to maintain the health of our animals.

Additional Information
Here is some nutrition information about Corriente cattle that we found interesting and exciting. In 2008, 4 ounces of Corriente beef was sent to BodyCote, Inc., a food science lab for analysis. This information is based on those results in comparison to other 4 oz. samples of meat data from USDA National Nutrient Database. On a nutritional level, Corriente beef surpasses the competition.