The calves that we intend to sell, we take to the annual Corriente sale at the Russell Livestock Market. That sale is usually at the end of March and people who raise Corrientes from this region come with their stock

We try to come with open heifers and 4 or 5 bred heifers here for sale. They can be registered or commercial.
Occasionally we have an older bull for sale that we are done using and we sell 1 or 2 yearling bulls about every year.


We lease roping cattle. Most of these go to individuals or groups of guys who lease cattle so that they can practice team roping. We also have people who lease cattle so that they can train roping horses.

The cost on the roping cattle is $35/hd/month with a 6 month minimum. We have a contract that they must sign which covers whose responsibility, vet service and condition issues. We allow them to trade these cattle in for fresh ones if they quit performing or have some other problem.

If some wish to lease cattle on a year round basis, the cost is $27/hd/mth. These cattle we like to trade every month or so, to keep them fresh and performing at a high level.

We also sometimes lease a bull. Usually this is to someone who has a small herd of cattle and just doesn’t want to deal with a bull on a year round basis.