Yoke S Ranch is a family owned and operated Grass Fed Beef  operation. There are 3 generations of us living on the ranch at this time.

We raise Corriente cattle. Corrientes are a relatively small breed. A mature cow weighs about 900lbs. They are probably one of the oldest breeds of cattle in North America. They can be traced back to when the Spanish Conquistadors brought them to the shores of the new world in 1493. They are very athletic and hearty. They are also very versatile due to their good disposition.

We use them for roping, steer wrestling, training cutting horses and cow dogs. They ride them in junior rodeos and tail them in Mexican rodeos. Some people just like to have them around to keep the weeds down or as pets.

We like the fact that the meat is low fat, low cholesterol and very lean. It has a very good flavor and the tenderness is remarkable. It has that old time natural taste that I remember from when I was a youngster.

We use no hormones, steroids or indiscriminate antibiotics. Any feed other than grass or hay that we use is all natural.

6 Frequently Asked Questions About Yoke S Ranch

  1. Describe your farming, processing and/or crafting practices. :
    We keep our operation as basic and natural as possible and still maintain the health and functionality of our animals.
  2. Describe your herd health and productivity management. (i.e. do you use any hormones, antibiotics, and/or steroids):
    Our cows are managed as naturally as possible. They calve in the pasture. We rotate them through the paddocks to manage the forages better and for disease and fly control. We think nature knows best and try to follow her example. We only harvest mature animals for food. Nothing less than 2 years old.
  3. Describe your feeding practices. (grass-fed only, free-range, feed-lot, etc.):
    We provide nutrients to our pasture and hay ground either by spreading manure on it or rotating cattle through it to replace what we take. We also plant and inter-seed legumes to increase nitrogen production.
  4. Describe your soil and nutrient management. (Do you compost, use fertilizers, green manures or animal manures?):
    Manure. On new seeding we might use some pelleted nitrogen to get the new seeds started.
  5. Describe your conservation/land stewardship practices. (e.g., do you plant windbreaks, maintain grass waterways, riparian buffers, use green manures for wind erosion, plant habitats for birds, improve soil quality, etc.):
    We have built several ponds over the years and improved the erosion control on our property with the assistance of the NRCS, We also work closely with ISU extension on several projects.
  6. Describe any additional information and/or sustainable practices about your operation that would be helpful to a potential customer in understanding your farm or operation better. (e.g. if you are raising any heritage animals you might list breeds or list varieties of heirloom seeds. List the percentage of local ingredients in your processed items):
    We are a grass-based natural as possible family operation. Visitors are welcome.