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Yoke S Ranch, LLC

Yoke S Ranch is a family owned and operated cow/calf operation. There are 3 generations of us living on the ranch at this time.

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Corriente Grass Fed Beef

We raise Corriente cattle. Corrientes are a relatively small breed. A mature cow weighs about 900lbs. They are probably one of the oldest breeds of cattle in North America. They can be traced back to when the Spanish Conquistadors brought them to the shores of the new world in 1493. They are very athletic and hearty. They are also very versatile due to their good disposition.

Our Corriente Cattle run on 180 acres of pasture divided into 4 paddocks and are rotated through those all year long. All of the different pens of calves are on at least 10 acres of grass and subsidized with enough feed to keep them healthy and satisfied. We don’t use any hormones or steroids and only use antibiotics on an individual basis to maintain the health of our animals.

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